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Mar, 2022

2022 Player Skills Evaluations

***Participants needing to attend the assessment/draft have been notified.** 


  • All players ages 8 -12 NEW to the Mideast League (that did not play on a Mideast team in the 2021 season)
  • Players ages 7-8 that would like to move up from coach pitch to player pitch (minor division)
  • Players ages 9-10 that would like to move up from player pitch (minor division) to player pitch (major division)
  • All players ages 8 -12 that want to be considered for an “alternate” player position in a higher division. (This is not full time play position, but acts a substitute when an additional player is needed)


*For players younger than age 6 and older than 12 (junior or senior league) there will not be an assessment; players of those ages will be assigned to a team. *

What: Each age level of kids will engage in a sample of these baseball/softball activities:

  • Fielding
  • Hitting
  • Throwing
  • Running

All skills will be performed in front of our assigned Mideast officers/coaches. They will evaluate the skill sets to divide balanced teams in all of our divisions and place your player in the division where they will safely grow and flourish the most.



Mid- March (To Be Announced)

** When your player arrives, they will get a sticker with a unique number combination to wear on the front of their shirts when they check in. Players should arrive 10-15 minutes before the session starts to sign in and warm up.


NOTE: Please know your player's correct Little League age. Please use the links below to make certain you know your child’s Little League age, so they appear at the correct session.




To Be Announced


How to Prepare:

We recognize that players will not be in mid-season form, but would suggest the following to prepare for the skills assessment:


Prior to Skill Assessment:

  • Practice throwing and catching the ball
  • Practice taking a few grounders and fly balls
  • Go to the batting cages or hit off a tee just to practice swinging

At Skills Assessment:

  • Please arrive at all sessions 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled session start time. This will provide time for your player to get signed in and warmed up for their session.
  • Come prepared with gloves, bats, and helmets (we will have extra helmets and bats available).
  • Have your player wear sneakers and workout clothing that they are comfortable in. 
  • Remind your player to pay attention, try their best, relax, and have fun. The player who catches every ball and hits the target every throw, will be treated the same as the player who drops every ball, but hustles and gives it their all.

After Skills Assessment:

  • After the skill assessments have been completed, players will be placed in the division where they will safely grow and flourish the most.
  • Teams will be posted on the Mideast website and the coach will contact his/her players.



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