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Jan, 2024

Program Enhancements

While the exact reasons remain a topic of debate, nationwide youth sports participation keeps dropping.  Just a few of the cited potential reasons include: the economy, video gaming, an increased popularity in travel leagues, and navigating through new pandemic guidelines.  Regardless of the reason(s), participation at our individual township ball associations has also been noticeably affected.  As a result of this decline, Mid-East continues the process of amending the local rec ball programs to adjust for the decline in player numbers and enhance the overall player experience. 

A few focus areas include:

Coach training
The addition of player training clinics 
Improved umpiring
Various field enhancements 
More competitive All Stars showings
Centralized divisional play

Please be patient with us as we slowly begin implementing these changes over the next few years.  We are working hard to provide our youth with the best possible experience.  Please encourage all youth (new and returning players) to play ball!

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email your ideas to [email protected].


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